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Do you need help with registering on Australia's best pigeon forum? If so, read on. Many of us have trouble trying to get our heads around computers and sometimes these web scripts such as the one which our forum uses to operate, can be quite penerkitty at times. If you're having any sort of difficulty in registering with forum and you want to just give up, then help is here. We really want you to see what all of the other 900+ registered users see on here. The 1,500 plus colour photos definitely make it well worth getting registered. All you need to do is send me your preferred username and password and I will simply do your registration for you. The forum will then send you your username and password and then you'll be set up. So simple, even I could do it. Please allow 24 hours for registration to occur You can email one of the administrators right now at jsmonty24@bigpond.com and we'll have you on board in next to no time!