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Author Topic: VALE Percy Brown SEQ  (Read 3772 times)

Offline auld griz

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VALE Percy Brown SEQ
« on: Aug,11,2009,01:24:34PM »
It is with great sadness this morning that I announce the passing of Percy Brown. 86 yo retired pigeon fancier and W.W.II Veteran.

I first met Percy in 1993 when I moved from Brisbane Bayside to our present address in rural QLD.

A close friendship was quickly formed due to our mutal interest in racing pigeons. We became clubmates & tossing partners.

He taught me degrees of respect & humility with his relentless ability to clock a good pigeon weekend after weekend, a great conditioner of pigeons that would trap like lightening though fed their fill twice daily.

When Percy told the birds ' Get in '  they were in !  They would come to the loft on race day as if fired out of a gun, and appeared to go up a gear over the last several hundred meters before folding and pitching into the open door trapping section. If the birds did more than a half circle of the loft it was considered a bad trap !

I was fortunate enough to clock one of his 500 ml ( 800 km ) Fed. winners in the dark while he and his wife Anita attended a family wedding function...15 minutes later another pigeon...10 minutes later, a Blue Pied hen to take all pools Jack Pot & AOC.

These being the only club birds on the day of release.

A fortnight later he offered the Fed. winner ( 228 ) & the Pied hen for me to breed from that season, such a man was Percy.

Still, the Percy Brown blood plays an important roll in my stock loft with successes attributed from 80 mls - 800 mls.

He is survived by his wife Anita, numerous children & Grand children.

Rest in Peace my old mate


Mark & Pauline.
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Re: VALE Percy Brown SEQ
« Reply #1 on: Aug,11,2009,07:56:36PM »
what sad news AG.... condolences to  all who know him...  :hug:

Offline Janek

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Re: VALE Percy Brown SEQ
« Reply #2 on: Aug,11,2009,09:01:50PM »
It was 30 years ago that I met Mr Brown. His daughter Jeanette lived across the road from us in Redbank Plains. His sons Rodney and Peter didn't live too far away either. Rodney back then was very successful with Modenas. I'd been to Mr Browns place on the Fernvale Lowood Rd a few times with Jeans family and the boys. The whole family were very friendly and funloving people. Real country folk. I went down the back and checked out his pigeons and we chatted for a while. That was 30 years ago, But it only seems like it was the weekend just gone. Unfortunately for Jeanette , his daughter, the last five years hasn't been real good. She lost her husband approx 5 years ago from an anurism and her daughter approx 2 years ago from cancer and now her Dad. I will be trying to make it to the funeral as I knew most of the family.
 My sincere condolences to all the family. :angel: :angel: :angel:

Jan Szmidt ( Janek)

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Re: VALE Percy Brown SEQ
« Reply #3 on: Aug,11,2009,09:03:22PM »
Mark I am sorry to hear of your loss of an old mate


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Re: VALE Percy Brown SEQ
« Reply #4 on: Aug,11,2009,09:05:52PM »
Sorry to hear the news AG , alot of good things have been said about the man . Now I know why the grizzle hen was mated to the BC tick eye cock .

Cheers Joe
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Re: VALE Percy Brown SEQ
« Reply #5 on: Aug,11,2009,09:08:32PM »
 Condolences to the Brown family, Percy the pigeon flyer was a feirce competitor and a staunch little man when he had an opinion at  our AGM's, But a man that would respect others as well, Had a great ability to train good pigeons right up until he retired from the sport, At 86 most would say he had a good innings , well that may be true but its always sad when the elders of our society pass on. RIP Percy.
Your birds are only as good as their next race.

Offline Randall Corby

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Re: VALE Percy Brown SEQ
« Reply #6 on: Aug,11,2009,09:49:03PM »
Sorry to hear about your old mate AG it's a sad time when a mate is lost to us.
Randall Corby

Offline auld griz

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Re: VALE Percy Brown SEQ
« Reply #7 on: Aug,14,2009,02:42:46PM »

                  '' Soft falls eventide of life

                    Gently like the setting sun,

                    A hard lifes work is over

                    And a well earned rest is won.''

Anita & Percy's family would like to express their thanks to all those who made time to attend today.

What I am now at this point in time is part of my evolution - what you perceive of me now at this point in time is part of your evolution .... Om mani padme hum .  )0(

Offline Lady Flyer

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Re: VALE Percy Brown SEQ
« Reply #8 on: Aug,14,2009,10:46:11PM »
Condolences to the Brown family and friends sad to hear of anyone's passing. Jen & Henry
Do not take your precious life for granted as all too soon it is gone live life to the fullest and take each day as it comes


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Re: VALE Percy Brown SEQ
« Reply #9 on: Aug,15,2009,10:22:34AM »
Condolences to the Brown family,  R.I.P OLD MATE..

ALEX & family

Offline wallaby bob

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Re: VALE Percy Brown SEQ
« Reply #10 on: Aug,15,2009,10:36:50AM »
Condolences to the Brown Family sorry to hear about you loosing your old mate Mark good friends are hard to find. Glad to see everything went ok the other day for the family. R.I.P. mate and I hope your flying up there is enjoyable for you.  Wallaby Bob :thumbsup:

Offline Monty Euroa, Vic

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Re: VALE Percy Brown SEQ
« Reply #11 on: Aug,17,2009,12:01:07AM »
I haven't had a look at the forum for a few days and am saddened to see that several old flyers have passed on. No doubt they all had many friends in and outside of our sport/hobby and will be missed by all who knew them. My condolences to all thier families and friends on the loss of thier loved ones and great mates.
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