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Bank Account is up and running - Des is working on the entry form which will be available soon with all relevant seems as tho this race is attracting a considerable amount of interest

                                                 Profile of our One Loft Manager

Introducing Georgious Theo Rettas,(George to his friends) George has been racing pigeons in Tasmania for over 40 years.
When i first met George, it is had to beileve looking back that both of us must have been in our twenties then,George was the owner of a small supermarket putting in 12 to 14 hour days building up and establishing his business .
 George with wife Lisa lived on a few acres at Devonhills Estate an upmarket developement just outside the city of Launceston but even then he was well and truly established in pigeons and if i recall correctly his foundation pigeons
cam from Hector Mcniel
I remember attending a Federation Function put on at Georges property attended by around 70 Federation flyers,George let out about 300 pigeons and they were immediately attacked by  a bird of prey,George promptly got out the shotgun and to the cheers of all thereand present promptly despatched the predator,those were the days some 40 years ago when the law permitted you to protect your own.
There would be a few flyers in the State of Tasmania that are as good as George but none better,over the years he has won nearly every major event in pigeon racing in Tasmania,some he has won on a number of occasions,his method of racing pigeons is not complicated,find the good stockbirds,breed healthy youngsters,train them hard and dont over medicate.
He is a great believer in natural remedies,and a look inside his medicine chest bears great testimony to that.
Georges life has not been without tragety,losing a young son in an accident was a terrible blow to the family,followed by a robbery in his shop that left him seriously injured,the effects of that assault he still feels to this day.
George and lisa are now retired living in a small suburb in perth.they have a large block of land with pigeon lofts and bird aviaries all up one side of it.
Although his original pigeons came from Hector Mcniel,after years of selective breeding he has developed the right to call this breed of birds his own.
The George Rettas breed of pigeons have "Conquered The Strait" hundreds of times producing outstanding results over many years,yes his birds have certainly stood the test of time,he sees next years race across bass strait as a short dash,and would have loved to see the the birds streched out to around the 600 mark.but as i keep telling him we have to crawl before we walk.
At this point in time george is in the process of refurbishing the inside of his racing loft to accommodate the birds for "Conquer The Strait.
He is re-perching for easy cleaning,he is putting in a trailer loading system and rebuilding his trap to accommodate the e.t.s.
This exercise has not been without expense and it has all come out of his own pocket such is his genorosity and commitment to making this race work.
I have attached some pictures of the loft his trophies and the man himself. SUPERMAC

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                             "Conquer The Strait"
         (based on a concept developed by lets talk pigeon}

                                RACE ENTRY FORM.

                    A one loft race to be flown over 300klm of water

Racepoint, Winchelsea Victoria to Perth Tasmania 450 klm

Loft intake, 1st of december 2010 - 31st of january 2011

Youngsters entering the racing loft to be around the 28 day old mark

Maximum entry=5 birds per flyer

Cost of entry = $70 per bird

$25 deposit on nomination,non refundable

Instalments may be paid but all birds must be fully paid up by the 31st of January 2011 ,non refundable.




Number of birds entered=

Nomination entry deposit=

Method of payment, please indicate one of the following

Pay in full

Postal order

Bank deposit



Account holder, Georgious Theo Rettas

bsb number 737-012

Account number 589015

Further enquiries ,Alex Macdonald ph.0364286377
Home address 50 Appleby Road Northdown Tas 7307


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